The Idea

Since we got here we’ve been talking about everything we’ve been facing here in India and thinking about how we could best help the children.

-          “How can we help these poor children here, Emilia? I wish I could do something else for them…”
-          “Well, let’s think about it, Marcel. We definitely are in the condition to do something…”
-          … (some days later)
-          “Why don’t we collect money from all over our network and buy shoes to give them!? They don’t have shoes to practice sports...
That was the beginning of everything on the Saturday 16th of July here in Mhaswad (Maharashtra, India)…

In the practice field, we have seen the smiles on these children’s faces, we have experienced their joy when they are engaged in the sports activities organized by Mann Deshi Champions. But still, we realized that there is so much else that can be done to make these children really enjoy the time they spend in the training field. The first thing we noticed is that many of these children run and play bare foot or with inappropriate footwear…this is why when wondering what we could do for them we decided to provide them with shoes.
On this matter we need your help! We strongly believe that BIT by BIT we will be able to give every one of the 185 children of Mann Deshi Champions a new pair of shoes.
We don’t need big sums to make this true. We aren’t asking you to donate beyond your possibilities. All we ask for is just a little BIT to be able to give all of these children a new pair of shoes – together WE can do it!