How and when you donate

Now you can use more options to donate and help children! We’ve created a page of our project at Global Giving website (an online marketplace that connects donors with grassroots projects in the developing world).

Through this new channel the donation process is easy and safe as before – that is, it uses PayPal and other options you might want to choose (credit card, PayPal account, check or gift cards).
We are now working to transfer the previous donations to Global Giving to have all the money centralized and easy to provide you all with the total donations amount.

Step by Step (or BIT by BIT)
1) Click on the "Give Now" button at the very bottom of every page - you will be directed to the “Be In Their Shoes – BITS” page on Global Giving website.
2) On the right side of the page we created some donation options (15 USD, 30 USD, 60 USD) to make it easier for you but, as we said before, the amount is completely up to you and totally open. The most important thing is to help the children, BIT by BIT, no matter the amount!
Pay Attention:
the currency used is USD (United States Dollar), so pay attention to convert it to your currency. Today’s (20th/July) exchange rates: USD 10,00 (ten dollars) = EUR 7,08 (seven euros and eight cents) = R$ 15,65 (fifteen reais and sixty five cents). 
3) Click on the "Donate" orange button.
4) Check your donation amount and choose one of the payment options of your preference.

PS: If you have any doubts or problems with this process, please let us know at: We will be glad to help you in helping the children!

IMPORTANT: you will have only three weeks to donate, don’t forget it!!! Three minutes may not change your life, but will change theirs! Why don’t you start the change now?? 

Project Dates:
Launch Date: 22th July
Last day to donate: 10th August
Shoes delivery event: 12th August

Notice: just to have an idea, the average price of the shoes we are looking for is around 30 USD.