Funny Donation!

WE have together a challenging target to make this through!!! As we explained, we have 185 children, which times US$ 30,00 (average price of a new pair of shoes), will bring us to a total amount around US$ 5.500,00!!!!

We thought about doing something to make it funnier and we set some goals according to the total amount donated.
If we reach…
·         US$ 1.500,00 - we will make and publish a picture of everybody, including the children, trainers and volunteers (us!) jumping at the same time at the training field!!! Everybody in the air!!!!!
·         US$ 3.000,00 - we will make and publish a video of everybody shuffling like LMFAO does at the video clip “Party Rock” (see here).
·         US$ 4.500,00 - we both, Marcel and Emilia, will dress like Indians and dance pretending to be in a Bollywood movie. It is going to be ridiculous!!!! Hahaha… but we will be glad to be ashamed in front of you (and in front of the US$ 4.500,00 target!!!!)
·         US$ 6.000,00 - we will let all the donators chose what they want to do through a page in our Blog where everybody will be able to give suggestions and then we will have a poll to choose the funniest target task!!!! 

Also we will have something cool to do besides the funny tasks…
For the same target amounts we set above we will bring them chocolate after the training (US$ 1.500,00), apple juice (US$ 3.000,00), notebooks for school (US$ 4.500,00) and the last BIT will be chosen by the donators community through our Blog.